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Hip Hop, Rap artist Chet Peez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but  has been living between two major cities, Toronto and Brooklyn for the last few years.

For the last 10 years, he has been creating and writing music. When Peez was diagnosed with cancer last year that didn’t get in his way.  He still continued to work on beats while going through chemo treatments, and when asked what his biggest life challenges were, he recalled “beating cancer and cutting off my locks”.

During the last year, fighting for life, his parents have been his main source of inspiration.  Musically, artists such as  Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls, TuPac, Jay Z, Max B an American rapper from Harlem and French Montana an American rapper born in Morocco are just a few. Other sources of inspiration are Martin Lurther King, Rosa parks and two of his friends that passed this year with cancer:


IMG_1490When asked about the differences between Toronto and Brooklyn, we wanted his perspective on what city might be his favourite. We figured it was a close match for various different reasons. Get more of the scoop on Peez and read our short interview below:IMG_1664

Gold Hunt featuring GOOP Chet Peez   Download his free mp3 here

Wllnttz:  What do you love about Brooklyn VS. Toronto?

Peez: “Good question…but I would have to say I love Brooklyn cuz thats where I was born & raised…most of my family and friends either live there still or would just never leave. Summer times are the best in Brooklyn (there is) a lot of jerk chicken, mac & cheese pie, Hennessy, nuff sexy ladies, and last and but not least some of the stinkest shit lands through BK”.

Peez: “Toronto on the other hand is my get away from the bullshit and never stress nothing town.
I love Toronto for its beautiful people and exclusive smoke shops and so on and so on”.

Wllnttz:  What if any, impacts from fashion or art influence you?

Peez: “I am a big fashion junky (laughs out loud) I love vintage stuff and new 2013 shit
but what I dont like is to see someone with the same shirt or swagg im wearing.  My favorite brands right now are Mishka, Obey, True Religion, Evisul, DOPE, Jordans, Prada, Hermes, BBC, Gucci, and D&G”.

Wllnttz: What are your future goals?

Peez: “My future goals are to be still alive (god forbid). Be happy and retired by 35 years old…and to make sure everyone I love and care for is living good and proud of me”.

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3MOB Chet Peez and Goop

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