Free Art Friday Toronto – May 17

Good Morning Toronto!  This week we did something a little different for Free Art Friday Toronto.  Thanks to Rebel Hero, we are spreading music to Unlock the City.

There are 4 Rebel Hero EPs with a sticker (cover art by Adrian Hayles) for the finding.

Happy Hunting.

Local 1 – Bathurst and Queen

Hint: Last night we were at Brockton Collective.

Local 2 – Spadina and College

Hint: Heading North? Looking South?

Local 3 – Jane and Bloor

Hint: Star Trek is playing here

Local 4 – High Park/Bloor St.

HInt: Across the street view.

PS – Apologies for the photo quality.  Using a flash draws too much attention and it was windy last night.

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