Free Art Friday Toronto – May 31

Good morning Toronto.

This morning there is a single mixed-media piece to be found.  This 12″ x 16″ piece, called Beauty Mark has been given for Free Art Friday by Shyla Tibando, in conjunction with the June 1st, Bezpala Brown Gallery reception featuring her work and that of Mykola Zhuravel. You may not be familiar with her name, as most of her work has been for brands. If you have any clothing from the Hudson Bay Company’s Vancouver Olympics it is likely you own some of her work already.

She has also included a map to a very difficult to find graffiti piece, only a couple blocks from where this was hidden.

Happy searching around the St. Lawrence Market to Unlock the City.


It’s camouflaged in the left most tree.


Don’t worry if it rains. It’s protected in plastic.

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