“Art and Creativity is as integral as breathing, and I can’t imagine my life without it. It is actually the thing that defines me. It’s not my job, what car I drive or the people I am around. My art defines me”.

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“Art is such an individual thing, but yet at the same time it’s a conversation of sorts without words.
If you aren’t doing anything, you are done”.

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Meet Demuir.

His palette creates his baselines, painting his colourful splashes of vocals and electro sounds onto the percussive beats of his canvas. Listen and you will hear funky beats, rich tones culminating a vibrant soulful and sexy sound. His art, his music, will take over your body, lead you to the dance-floor, freeing your soul, and any inhibitions.

Demuir’s House Music label Mikita Skyy produces and features predominately 3 styles of House Music: Tech House, funky filtered French Touch (uses disco samples /funky samples) and Deep House (vocals, percussive and soulful style). Featuring various artists from across the world Demuir has had the opportunity to work with artists from, Australia, Sweden, Egypt, and UK to name a few. With such an amazing talent-pool and worldwide reach we are honoured to share with you his intimate thoughts and creative influences in our exclusive interview.

MikitaSkyyFinalWllnttz: How did the name for your label come about? I noticed your cat’s name is Mikita
Is there a connection there?
Demuir: It absolutely is. My cat’s name and a vinyl album I own, named after an 80’s group Sky. It had a ring to it like Nicki Beach.(A party in Miami Beach)

My first label was Peetah Entertainment in 2000. At that time I was pressing vinyl as it was the superior medium, but I decided to fold the label based on some life changing events.

“The music business is a real grind, and being an Artist, it never escapes you”.

W: When did you start making your music? When did you realize you were musical?

D: I started Mikita Skyy in 2009-2010, however, my earliest memory was when I was 5, playing around with my Dad’s Hammond B3 organ. My Dad is a classically trained guitarist and he plays the piano very well. When my Dad came from Trinidad he played in Caribana on one of the trucks. I watched him on University Avenue jam on stage and women were running to the truck taking their tops off. My dad was smoking weed and enjoying the vibe.

This was my was my first experience witnessing the impact music can have, both as a creator and how it affects the listener. In those days, I would mess around on the organ when my father wasn’t around so thats when I created some of my first music. It wasn’t until later I created a pause mix tracks record. This is when you use a cassette tape and record over and over, layering the tracks to create the music.

My dad collected a lot of records…RnB, disco, funk, jazz, and the routine was get up in the morning, throw a record on and blast it as loud as you can to wake the kids up.
My first real exposure to music and attempting to make music was when I discovered house music when I was 16. At this time it was influenced by Detroit Techno House music.
When you first discover Art you remember that moment, when you discover something that speaks to you without words and it’s a certain knowing and familiarity… its like, ‘Where have I known you before?’…it touches you like that. Even at this age, it just made complete sense. I did some previous Hip Hop production before because I thought there was money in it, but I realized that was the wrong focus and I got back to house music and I’m doing well with it.

Wllnttz: Does music or creativity run in your family?

D: Currently I’m working on a release, a tribute to my late grandfather (Mother’s side) who was 88 years old who passed only last year. An interesting guy, he donated his body to science. I had always wanted to do a project with him and I recently uncovered some newfound facts. He played 5 different instruments and I had no idea that he played music. I thought the musicality only ran on my Father’s side. My Dad’s father was a piano maker and a photographer.

“When you learn about these things you learn about yourself in the same process”

W: How did you come across Detroit House Music?
D: A high school friend introduced me to Acid House. He put on a mixed tape Rhythm is Rhythm by Derek May and another producer. May, one of the key influencers of House Music continues to be, still touring around the world today.

W: Who is your inspiration now?

D: Various Jazz musicians. But there are outside influencers outside of music that inspire me. It wasn’t until I met my girlfriend who introduced me to street art and that has been an inspiration for me.

D: As of late, street art really inspires me. Its part of one of the things I love about (Toronto Street Artist) Anser’s work. Visually, it represents a continuous line of inspiration. There is never a break within his work. So when it comes to music, the energy of this work is speaking to me in a certain way. Its not a simple answer.

W: How does music impact your life?

D: Art and Creativity is as integral as breathing, and I can’t imagine my life without it. It is actually the thing that defines me. Its not my job, what car I drive or the people I am around. My art defines me.

D: If you ever see people get off the bus…they are all slouched over and they don’t look enthusiastic.
I wake up in the morning excited and exhilarated for the day and look forward to when I am going to quit my day job. It influences the thinking and what defines me and life in general. It consumes me, somedays I don’t get to bed until 2:00 am in the morning. When you are creating art/music naturally, I think over time you develop a neuro-path that allows you to think differently than most people.

D: When General Motors needed to do something differently to produce their cars, there is a reason they stopped hiring engineers to design their cars. Rather, they hired designers and then told the engineers to fit the engine in that design of the car. This was intentional to bring about an emotional response to the product, thereby enhancing the customer’s lives.

W: Where do you create?
D: In my home studio (M Skyy a.k.a The Sandbox) and sometimes I will go to a coffee shop.

W: Why is it called the Sandbox?

D: The Sandbox takes you to that youthful place, as a child that is the place or the first time you create something. You take sand and put it together. That’s why Its called the Sandbox. I have over 10,000 vinyl records in my adjoining room. I can throw on any record and hear something outside my element.

photo-2Is there a memorable moment in your career?

D: One of the biggest memories is when Nick Holder played my record ‘Relaxing Jasmine: on Electric Circus. (Television Show that featured dancers and Dj’s and musicians.

W: Whats your philosophy on rules (we know you are a rule breaker), do you ask for permission?
D: I would rather ask for forgiveness. How can you discover yourself if you limit yourself? I try using different elements to my music and something I sample might be inspiring. If I waited for permission, I might not experience or create something and if I didn’t even try, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

W: What is your ultimate goal?
D: My Epitaph would read “A man that touched many people”.
I would like to get out to the USA and Europe to play in front of couple of hundred people and do what I love.

“Art is such an individual thing, but yet at the same time it’s a conversation of sorts without words.
If you aren’t doing anything, you are done”.

W: Where can people find your music?

Demuir’s official start date to his residency at the Cage in Toronto is July 19th. Here he will continue to Dj for the third Friday of each month playing funky and tech house.

To find out more about upcoming events and to hear Demuir check him out:

Twitter: @djdemuir or @mikitaskyy
Instagram: demuir

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