Paint Love from Zurich

It was wandering the cobble stone lanes of Zürich’s Roten Fabrik late Saturday morning that led us to Snyr and Halunke. Escaping the summer heat, the two found a nice tree shaded wall for their day of painting. Zurich, a graceful city rich with history, maintains an air of modern progress. Part of its formula is the provision of many legal and accessible ‘graffiti’ walls. The key to legal walls is detachment. Pieces don’t tend to last very long. Snyr and Halunk step back from their wall to prepare for their steps. “Have you heard of Starkart”, Halunk asks? “You should go”.

Snyr work in progress.

Hulunk work in progress.

See Snyr & Hulunk’s finished wall here.

That evening, after a thorough exploration of old Zürich, including the Fraumünster’s Chagall stained glass windows and sun bathing on the lido at Gessnerbrüke, we made our way towards the tracks in search of Starkart Gallery. Leading us through the red light district were fantastic stencils and wheat pastes. These were thankful tell tale signs we were heading in the right direction.

Starkart Gallery

Sure enough we reached the end of Brauerstrasse to find the paint-adorned gallery.





Inside this stand alone building was a feast for the eyes. What can be said for this Starkart Gallery is that it is a must go see destination for art lovers. Currently, on until the end of August is Stencil Bastards II. Christian Guemy meticulously curated the exhibition. This clean crisp multi-room 2-story space is filled with poignant expression. Exhibition artists are C215, M-City, Zibe, Penny, Czarnobyl, 9Periodico, Epsylon, Stew, Pisa73, Snub 23, and STF Mascato.




STF Mascato

Pisa 73

Find out more by visiting, also on instagram. Visit in person and say hi to Roman.

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