London – Brick by Brick

Day 1

You may have noticed a couple of weeks ago, that Wllnttz dropped two Beck pieces in London, England, as an extension of Free Art Friday Toronto. The first location to hide the ‘rock hand’ statues & sticker packs was in Hyde Park, notorious for its concerts. There was a Rolling Stones concert there that weekend. The second was on the George Washington statue outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. We are pretty this went home with two guys that mimicked the ‘rock hand’ gesture and then proceeded to hang around after it was planted.

Beck, Free Art Funday, Hyde Park

Otherwise, Day 1 was a fairly non-eventful clean day on the street art front, with one exception…

As the sun began to set, an ROA was illuminated on the horizon promising good finds for the next day. And, so the promise was fulfilled.


Day 2

The next morning we unknowingly found ourselves in D-Face’s newly relocated gallery ‘Stolen Spaces’. Sweat!

Stolen Spaces



Once we reluctantly tore ourselves away to carry on, we found treasures like this along the way.


Next we found a camera free alley off of Brick Ln. This is where we found the charming Fanakapan painting his next Licorice Allsorts character. Delicious! Check out this Shok-1 on a neighbouring wall.

One of Fanakapan’s Licorice Allsorts Characters

Fanakapan’s current project


Our next wall treat was this work-in-progress by Alexis Diaz.

Alexis Diaz

Across from this was this work by Dal East.

Dal East

Later, I literally fell off the sidewalk when we found this Faith47.


Then turned around to find Pure Evil. He was a nice guy. Turns out he was in Toronto last year. Check out his gallery if you ever go. We particularly like the Darwin on the lower floor.

Pure Evil Gallery

Upon leaving we followed his advice to find these beauties.

Miss Van

Pure Evil


And then found this ROA.


Oh hello! What’s that in the corner there?

Banksy and others

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