Nuit Blanche ~ Thank You from Wllnttz

As I chug down another coffee to coax my tired body through the day. I glance at one of the gear cogs that we received at the (X)Static Clown Factory project. At 4am we found ourselves in the middle of this project competing for large illuminated balloons. People were cheering us on and snapping photos of us as we hopped on one leg, flapped our arms, and made animal noises. All the while I was wondering how we ended up amidst this scene and what exactly the objective was. During this hoopla, one of our Free Art Friday Toronto (FAFT) tokens of love fell out of a pocket, only to be picked-up by a clown. Not only did she treasure her find, she then proceeded to wear our sticker with pride for the rest of Nuit Blanche.

(X)Static Clown Factory

Only an hour earlier we left one of the 52 pieces on a chair set-up for the Your Temper, My Weather project inside the AGO. As luck would have it we passed by the hall again just in time to see it being found. The finder’s smile as she picked-up the piece and read the hidden message could have illuminated the room.  It certainly illuminated my heart.

During the night we felt the love of the Wllnttz community, those of you who follow and support us through social media and personally. Your little notes did not go unnoticed. There were big actions and smaller actions that gave us ‘energy’ throughout the night. We started with a warm welcome at the (Re)generator project and from there it spread. There were the texts from an electric angel at 12 am; a dance and drink pit-stop at 1 am; ground-lifting hugs at 2 am; and warm conversation at the snack stands at 3 am. And of course, there were home front contributions prior to Nuit Blanche that go beyond thanks.

We do this because we love You; and art, freedom of expression, and spreading positivity. Thank you for your support. Let us brighten your week all year with FAFT. Every Friday we hide new pieces from talented local artists or Unlock the City tokens of love that are all free to the finder.

By the way the balloon playoffs at (X)Static Clown Factory were challenging, but we each came away with a balloon to light our path through the rest of the night.

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