How Do You Eat Your Pizza Pie?

We sit down in MWFB’s kitchen, next to an assortment of illustrations of his close friends and mentors. The artwork by Goon One, Kizmet32 and Snail stand out in the small studio/living room/kitchen. The lights are dim and the smell of apple pie fills the small yet cozy apartment.

Spray painting started for MWFB back in high school. His intention was to use it as simply another medium for fine art.  Back then he was painting Bowel Bitches. It was a character that developed from English and Religion class doodles. Eventually he gave himself a name. “It was a stupid first name”, he claimed, “everyone has a stupid name when they start”. WLLNTTZ did manage to arm wrestle his old moniker out of him. All we’ll reveal is that it pertained to pie. Eventually MWFB began adding Eat UR Pie to all of his Bowel Bitch drawings and replaced his old street name with OSC, short for One Smashing Child.

While the foundation for self-expression began growing-up in the small city of Chatham, Ontario, it was evident this young artist was still figuring himself out when he moved to Toronto to study graphic design. MWFB found his new home exciting, though school proved to be more constraining than he imagined. One thing he knew was that his approach to design was that of an artist, while many of his classmates approached shape and colour mathematically. Between classes and armed with paint cans, MWFB looked for himself in the streets. It was out there where he met Kizmet32. Kizmet32 helped him to focus his energy. His advice was to drop OSC, write Eat UR Pie with the Bowel Bitch Monsters and see where that led him.

It’s clear that the fuel for MWFB’s inspiration comes from escapism. In the past, it was to retreat from schoolroom boredom. Today the motivation is to escape day-to-day doldrums. What is in flux is his source for inspiration. Graduating from college this past spring has left a void. Gone are the classes that released his mind to wander. His favourite magazines no longer hold his attention. He’s pared down his social media inputs. He tells us that now it is more about observing first hand and responding with action rather than observing from a distance. Lately, most of his influence has been from the art shows he’s attended; the shows he has personally been involved in; and the people he surrounds himself with. Then again who needs all of those distractions, when there is pie?

WLLNTTZ: “Do you have a favourite pie?”

MWFB: “My favourite pie is strawberry rhubarb.”

WLLNTTZ: “Hmm, that’s out of season. What other pies do you like to eat?”

MWFB: “Apple pie and then blueberry pie. Do you remember that Seinfeld episode about pie country? It’s when George and Jerry ask Kramer if he’d like to go to with them to a cabin. Kramer asks if there is a golf course and they say it’s pie country. Then they list off pies. ‘There is Blueberry, Blackberry, Boysenberry, Huckleberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, and Peach’, something like that anyway.”

WLLNTTZ: “Have you ever been in a pie eating contest”

MWFB: “No, but I’d like to. There are few pie related things that I need to do.”

After further discussion relating to pie versus cake we ask MWFB what he’d like to be doing beyond his pie eating endevours. His reply is “This”. What ‘this’ is, is going home after working all day at a job. He takes a brief nap, eats dinner, and then sits at his desk for the rest of the night making art he loves for commissions, band posters, preparing for a show or the next wall.  All of which involves consuming a lot of coffee. It’s about feeling the creative wave that makes one lose track of time. It’s about the art, not the numbers. It’s about taking his cookie cutter education and making it into delicious pie.

Where does the street fit in? It can be challenging to get someone to stray from their path and enter a gallery. More so it can be challenging to get your work up in a space. MWFB sees the street as a way to get his art to the public. Though it doesn’t force people to take notice of his work, it does increase the opportunity to be noticed.  Twofold, he collects the street. While out, he photographs urban textures for the purpose of incorporating those textures into his digital pieces, giving his work a raw edgy tone.

If you are left with the feeling that MWFB is a bit of a punk you wouldn’t be far off. From his subject matter; to his use of colour; to his music selection which includes Kiz&Legin, Abstractionist, Junior Bob, Cancer Bats, Tycho, The Album Leaf and Pink Floyd; right through to his Bunnywith collection, it’s who he is.  If you still have doubts, wait until you meet him in person. He leaves one with a unique first impression, only to be experienced in person.

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