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Last summer on a Sunday afternoon, Wllnttz met Tyson Froese for the first time after his impressive performance with Latin soul singer Vanessa Ferraro.  The setting was a simple yet intimate Toronto lounge on King Street West. The intriguing and colourful paintings of Artist Jimmy Chiale paintings saturated the purple walls, setting the tone for the evening. Tyson began to play. First he played guitar accompaniment to Vanessa’s soulful singing. Then he graced the stage with a single solo song that wowed us.

Although it was a first introduction, it certainly wasn’t our last encounter as we continued to stumble upon him on several occasions leading up to his band’s “Rebel Hero” EP launch on March 29, 2013.

Our next encounter was a Friday night in December. In a battle against cabin fever Wllnttz decided to venture out and hit the town. Equipped with a camera and a Wllnttz logo mask we ended up on College St. While taking photos of masked strangers and friends, as we hopped between bars, we ran into Tyson. Little did he know a game was a foot. Happily Tyson, who was making his way to Cherry Colas, didn’t mind playing along.  We saw him again at Spin’s Plywood Collective in the new year checking out the work of his friend Adrian Hayles.

As it turns out, Tyson Froese after leaving his previous band last May, decided to embrace the idea of putting together his own band.

“A transformation happened, you go from being the singer song writer, the leader of the band, where you have musicians that are playing for you, and then you transform to being an actual band where each member that’s in the band contributes equally”

Rebel Hero is represented by Tyson Froese, Justin Faragher and Tommy Paulovitz are a collaborative diverse (Rock ALTernative Pop) group.

“Rebel Hero’s sound is energetic, raw, and powerful, with moments of blistering guitar driven rock, mixed with heartfelt chorus’s and strong lyrical message to which one and all can relate”. (Reverbnation)

A great admirer of art, Froese writes poetry and lends his creative work to influences of both classic hard and contemporary rock such as Led Zepplin, Hendrix, Cream, Billy Talent, The Trees, Dallas Green, Alexis on Fire and Lincoln Park, Our Lady Peace, and Living Colour.  So naturally he sought out Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace) who produced the EP.  Froese and Turner really clicked on a creative level, as was evident as they worked from the ground up and narrowed it down to the best 4 songs.

When it comes to artistic influence, Froese believes everybody in the band is open to having their ideas shot down and that humility is what contributes to the band’s success. Maturity and respect goes into that relationship as well and that comes with the territory in the group’s collaborative approach.

He recounts his West Coast influences of life as inspiration of wanting to preserve the skate punk character of his childhood.  Enroute to his own future dreams, Froese follows his father’s footsteps, Howard Froese’s inspirational legacy.  Howard Froese played Guitar, Keyboards and Back up vocals for the classic Canadian rock band Chilliwack in the mid 70’s.

In a recent cameo performance Froese respectfully paid homage to his late father who was a major influence to him by performing with the band Chilliwack in Vancouver and at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

Check out Rebel Hero’s upcoming events:

Cherry Cola’s  Monday, April 22, 2013

Moskito Bite for CD video release duet with Latin soul singer Vanessa Ferraro: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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