Jeff Turner

“I see the world in snapshots”

Invariably these snapshots reveal beauty, capture essence and provoke emotion. Each so strong in visual elements that will leave you breathless.


Shooting since he finished highschool, Jeff Turner studied Photography at Ontario College of Art & Design, has over 15 years experience as a photographer, but only in the last two years has he devoted his time to his passion into a full time profession.

Turner’s most recent work was on exhibition in the Distillery’s Arta Gallery.  His second Contact show, “The Minds Eye” was about different views of the world, the landcapes and how people look at the world.

Here he showed 3 collage pieces.  Two featuring collections of images of Toronto’s public transit  (TTC) iconic buildings and street art.  As well, a motor cycle collage that utilized 160 different shots. The photographs were mounted to wood and coated with a high gloss resin.



The inspiration behind the TTC art collage was born while waiting for the subway. “I would be  standing around and waiting, so I started taking photos with my iPhone”.  Before he knew it he had compiled a large group of photos.  From here he then decided he would go and shoot every single subway station in Toronto. Doing a collage seemed to be the next obvious choice and artistic way to showcase the photos. IMG_3050

Street art? Yes or No?

Yes.  I am really glad places like Queen St.  and Graffiti Alley exist. Toronto lacks public art that is officially sanctioned and so the citizens have taken it upon themselves to create more art within the community.

I love art and sculpture. People shouldn’t look down on street art. Street art is the purest expression of an evolved culture. Its been around forever, think about the cave paintings in France, it’s the oldest part of culture.

I think its cool, but I don’t like the tagging. I love the mural on Dundas and Carlaw. I particularly love the faces I see around the city with angular lines. (Turner refers to the work of street artist Anser)


What was your first camera?

Pentax K1000

What is your dream camera?

Hasselblad with a digital back

Wllnttz:  We know you love to travel, what is your favourite place in the world?

Barcelona, because it’s a beautiful city with beautiful people, who dress nice and eat good food.

What are you working on next?

The Me Project

The female form is beautiful. But as women get older, they are made to feel less attractive. Even though they are often more confident and self-assured because they have achieved career, family and personal goals.

The Me Project celebrates these real women and their real beauty. I want to feature diverse women who are 40 or older and make them feel beautiful as they proudly bare their form to the world. I want to honour their beauty.

My wife, as well as many of our female friends, inspired this project with their desire to enjoy mid-life and embrace their bodies.

I am considering showing select works from this project in a future photography exhibition and possibly a self-published book. I would like to partner with a women’s charitable organization to donate some of the book sales proceeds and help promote the project.

Past, present or future?

Future then past. Because possibilities and memories are the two most powerful things.

To see his more of his ART photography visit his website and follow him on Instagram @jeffturnerphoto

Jeff will be donating some of his work to Wllnttz for this week’s Free Art Friday.  Check back Friday morning for hints on where you can find his hidden photography in Toronto.

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