eloves me, eloves me not

“If I had to go through all the heartache, all the disappointment, all the dating false starts to become the person I was when I found myself in a situation where I met the love of my life, and he fell in love with exactly who I was at that moment, then it was all worth it. And it was all necessary”. ~ e-loves me, e-loves me not

Wllnttz got our hands on L.A Johannesson’s e-loves me, e-loves me not. A comtemporary romantic comedy that examines the effects of technology on communication, dating and love. This book will have you laughing and crying.  The story is dedicated to anyone who has searched for love, while it explores online dating. It gives hope that there is someone out there for those who have not found “the one”.

In our adventures of spreading love around the city of Toronto we will be hiding three copies Friday October 25th.  Stay tuned for our regular Free Art Friday Toronto post to get hints and clues.
photo 2To learn more about  the Authour visit: http://lajohannesson.com/authorbio/

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