Wild to the Core

This past March, a friend asked me, “Do you know who puts up the duck? I see it everywhere on my way to and from work.”

If you haven’t seen the plethora of WC tags or duck heads throughout the city, then you may be spending too much time with your head down playing Candy Crush.

At the time I had no idea who was behind the duck. Then at an art show in May two dudes started chatting with me. One was wearing a big smile. The other was very straight faced. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was running bare foot across a major city street. The darkness and the distance removed me from what really went on that night.  A couple of days later, under the light of the sun I returned to view the wall.  There were 3 bombs, including what I refer to as ‘aroused duck’, due to his elongated bill.

Wllnttz met up with the 6 person, plus 1 duck crew recently, to find out what exactly is WildCore and who is this duck.

The term WildCore originates from hip-hop. WildCore is a style of hip-hop. It’s free, no structure, all morals, all hip-hop attitude…” The point is, is that they aren’t hardcore, which tends to be inflexible. WC draws this analogy, “It’s cool to be hardcore, but you could still be domesticated like a pit bull. They can be really vicious, but at the end of the day they are on a chain being told what to do. If you’re a wolf, you’re free. You don’t get fed kibble.” On the flipside the crew isn’t soft [core] either,  though WC is positive, friendly and smile at other people.

Wrunks is the given name of Mr. Canard a.k.a the duck. The term wrunks is associated with one who is an inebriated wreck.

On the surface of the wall you see a duck with many faces, which may have been drawn by any member of WC. He may be a happy duck, smitten duck, angry duck, sleepy duck, or curious duck. Beneath the paint however, the fictitious Wrunks is the domineering CEO of the WC conglomerate.  It is by his command that the members of WildCore live their lives right and moral. At the foundation of this righteous lifestyle is hip-hop, b-boying; a raw, organic, anti-soy diet; and a drive to preserve the wetlands.

“WildCore started off as an emotion. Graffiti is how we get the name up, but its more a conglomerate of like-minded individuals who think the same. We’re trying to learn together.”

“When you see a WC throw up, rest assured someone has probably free-styled there, maybe a bit of b-boying happened there. We put so much consciousness into our throw ups that evil spirits don’t want to go there. If you want to stay warm on a cold day, just go stand next to a WC.”

For them it’s about doing something interesting, improving their emotional spirit, causing excitement, and reclaiming extremely boring moments that they feel they are forced to have.

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