Free Art Friday – January 3, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

We have some exciting activities in the work for 2014. The first is Joe Boxer sponsorship for an artist photo shoot  and interview with MWFB of Eat UR Pie.

We had 3 packaged pairs of Joe Boxers left and were told we could keep them. ¬†Since the graphics are designed a fantastic graphic designer here in Toronto, we thought let’s think out of the boxer & our city and do a for Free Art Friday Toronto contest.

Win them, keep them, give them to a friend.

Also, WLLNTTZ has gathered a few pieces of warm winter wear, clothing and blankets and will be giving these out personally to a couple of people sleeping in the streets. The recent ice storm and current harsh winter conditions are a reminder that people live in the cold daily. We encourage others to give warmth to someone in need as well, but give safely.

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